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Enriquez, The Wine:

In keeping with the Enriquez family pledge of quality, identity, and joyfulness, we have launched an Enriquez ultra-premium brand series. Each variety is carefully sourced and crafted to convey the exquisite taste of the flavored fruits of the Sonoma Coast Appellation, which are worthy of bearing the Enriquez label. As you treat yourself to our wines, our family welcomes you with open arms to share and be part of its extended history, rich culture, and customary values.

Our six ultra-premium wines are Brisa, Tempranillo Rose, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, Reserve Pinot Noir & Late Harvest Pinot Noir. Although we have added detailed descriptions of each, it is not until you experience the fresh, stirring and liberating taste of our brands that you can truly appreciate Enriquez Estate wines.


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