Our Story

Enriquez Family

The origin of Enriquez Estate Wines is a story of complete fate and circumstance. Eduardo & Ana Enriquez, along with their daughter, Cecilia,​came from New Jersey for a ski trip in Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately, the snow conditions were sparse so the family decided to move their trip to San Francisco. On the way to the city, with a few accidental detours, they ended up in beautiful Sonoma County.

I was five months out of college and still drinking box wine. I assumed all wines tasted like that. My dad loves Pinot Noir so our first stop wine tasting was at a small Pinot producer. I remember looking over at him and saying this is what we should be drinking! He and my mom always enjoyed wine and as a physician, the science side of it appealed to him. My mom’s family in Mexico is involved in agriculture, so between their two backgrounds, wine seemed to be the perfect match. – Cecilia Enriquez

Good wine, good food and good friends was all it took for the Enriquez Estate Wine journey to take flight. After a long day of wine tasting, they joined one of the winery owners for dinner. As serendipity would have it, he also had a real estate license and discussions began about Eduardo and Ana retiring with a family wine brand in Sonoma County. Not knowing how to farm or make wine, Eduardo instantly laughed it off. But by the end of dinner, Eduardo agreed to swing by and take a look at a vineyard property on the way to San Francisco. The next day they drove to a 30-acre property for sale in Petaluma.

My mom refused to get out of the car; she thought we were crazy! But I was ready to quit my job at Wells Fargo and come start the family business. My dad suggested that I write a business plan when I got home…and the rest is history. Be careful what you wish for! – Cecilia Enriquez

In June of 2011, Cecilia moved to Petaluma and “attached herself” to anyone who would teach her farming and winemaking practices. Learning the trade from some of the best winemakers in Sonoma County, Cecilia now produces about 1000 cases annually on her own. The operations have since moved up to Forestville in the heart of the Russian River Valley. Cecilia lives on our 8.5-acre vineyard property, ensuring “her baby” gets round-the-clock, hands-on attention from start to finish….and she’s never looked back!

The adventure continues at Enriquez Estate Wines.