Our Story

Enriquez Family

The story of Enriquez Estate Wines is a rollicking joy ride into the world of wine, with twist and turns fueled by two high energy generations. Eduardo, his wife Ana and their daughter, Cecilia, were on a ski trip from their home back East to visit Cecilia’s brother in Lake Tahoe. With no snow, the family decided to visit San Francisco. On the way, they decided to stop in wine country for some wine tasting. They found themselves in beautiful Sonoma County.

“I was five months out of college and drinking box wines. I assumed all wines tasted like that,” Cecilia recalls. “My dad loves Pinot Noir, and the first place we went, the Pinots were great. I looked over and told him whatever he was drinking at home was crap. He and my mom always enjoyed wine and as a physician, the science side of it appeals to him.” Ana’s family in Mexico is involved in agriculture, so viticulture interested Eduardo, also. As serendipity would have it, one of the winery owner’s they met on their first day also happened to have a real estate license.

After a long fun day of wine tasting and heading to dinner with the winery owner, he suggested they should retire in beautiful wine country since they instantly loved the area. Of course, not knowing how to farm or make wine, Eduardo laughed it off. Towards the end of the dinner, Eduardo agreed to swing by and take a look at a property on the way to San Francisco. The next day, they drove to a 30-acre property for sale in Petaluma, Sonoma County. “My mom refused to get out of the car; she thought we were crazy! I was ready to quit my job at Wells Fargo and come out to do this.” Cecilia’s dad suggested she write a business plan when they got home. She did, and Enriquez Estate Wines began. “Be careful what you wish for!” Cecilia laughs.

In June, 2011 Cecilia moved to Petaluma and “basically attached myself to anyone who would help me learn about farming and winemaking.” Winemaker Mike Brunson, who she considers her mentor, helps to handcraft 500-700 cases annually that include Pinot Noir, Sparkling Wine, Tempranillo, Muscat, a white blend and Rosé. The family has since sold the Petaluma property in order to purchase a property in Forestville, the heart of the Russian River. Cecilia lives on the vineyard property, ensuring “her baby” gets round-the-clock, hands-on attention in all areas: from planting to picking, production to pouring….and she’s never looked back or been happier!

The adventure continues, at Enriquez Estate Wines.